Sunday, November 1, 2009


12 Miles - 3 Hours - 7,600' of climbing - average HR 129.

Wanted to do low milage and run slow. But, I wanted to get a big number out of it somehow. Took the extra hour in the day today and woke up an hour early (body clock was the same time) and get a good treadmill climb in and be done by 9:30 so Maureen and Tima could get their run in early as well. Set the mill to 12% grade at 4mph and went to it. Broke this up into 3 x 1 hour segmants. First hour I watch some mountain stages of the 2003 TDF, the one where Lance takes off up the final climb and in less than a minute catches his handle bars on a watchers bag and down he goes taking Iban Mayo with him; you know the rest of the story. Second hour I watched the 1999 Mt. Washington race where Kahara and Carpenter battle it out until the "WALL." I listened to a variety of music this hour as well instead of the race commentating. Third hour watched a mix of classic MTV Unplugged - REM, Nirvana, The Cure and Pearl Jam. Felt pretty good throughout, did start to have to do a little work on the last 2 miles, but nothing too bad. Was hoping that my average HR for every mile would be under 140. Had to really concentrate and relax on the last mile, but just missed. Needless to say I'm still very happy with this run, and the data that came with it. Average HR for each mile was 116,125,128,128,124,127,130,131,127,133,137,140. Stopped for about 3 minutes after hours 1&2 to change shirt, eat and drink. This is why my average HR on miles 5 and 9 dip a little. After about 500 calories of oatmeal for breakfast I had about 600 calories during the 3 hours on the mill.


  1. Haha. I thought that I and maybe 2 other people would be crazy enough to do a workout like that. Now it is three other people.

  2. Thanks; glad to be part of that club!
    Nice to see that you're going to do the XC's. I see how far I am am from there, could be a nice little weekend trip to watch next month.