Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Pitchell FKT by Mark Lundblad

Great "race" report here.

Read this just after listening to Lucho on EP answering the question about demons ;-)

This is an amazing course that Adam Hill came up with - hoping Mark's run will lead to more FKT attempts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Some video experimenting

Wow! Just watched these after I posted them and they are far too pixel-ly. Nothing much to see here, really.

Headed over to Little Pisgah this morning, but didn't do enough prep on the route and ended up just running up, down and around for a while for about 2,500' of vert. I guess I thought the route to the top was going to be real easy to follow, but about 1.25 miles in I suddenly had 4 different colored trail markers to follow - white, blue, yellow and red. This area can be like the Bermuda Triangle sometimes, so with the heavy fog and my lack of clothing I decided not to take any risks and just stick to where I was comfortable finding my way back. In the meantime, I decided to see how awful I was at video. This takes a good amount of practice! The first thing I need to do is SLOW DOWN!!! I think I get a little side tracked with the camera and scenery and forget about what I'm actually running up. Anyway, the next available clear day I have to run I will certainly be heading to the summit of Little Pisgah with a little better filming.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 48 - 8,400' (560,200')

330 - 0'
331 - 0'
332 - 2,200' - Roads
333 - 2,100' - Mountains to Sea Trail
334 - 1,800' - Bear Wallow x 3
335 - 2,300' - Turkey Quarters on Bear Wallow - see previous post
336 - 0'

Not a whole lot has changed with the knee. Took 3 full days off and it felt even worse. Monday's run, day 332, was awful, then the next 3 days my knee felt great. Seems pretty simple at this point - the knee feels better when I run, so that's what I'll do. At my age I should expect some aches and pains that come with the pounding of trail/mountain running.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Windy Wallow

Shakin' the legs out this morning on Bear Wallow listening to the sweet sound of what was in my face on the climb.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 47 - 11,100' (551,800')

323 - 2,000' - Driveway reps - easy.
324 - 0'
325 - 2,300' - Back Roads
326 - 1,000' - Roads
327 - 2,200' - Driveway reps x 11 with 2 easy, 7 hard, 2 easy.
328 - 3,600 - Bear Wallow x 6 nice and easy.
329 - 0' - Plan to take this day off as well as Sat and Sun. Knee feels great for some reason, but I know that a little break won't hurt anything so this is a good weekend for that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Runner's knee

I think I may have a case of runner's knee. My knee is at its best while I am running and at its worst a few hours after runs and sitting. Some mornings its achy and stiff as well; a little sweeling, stiffness and all around achiness. It's my right knee(the good one) and the pain is on the inside part that's closest to my left knee, mostly felt on that bone that sticks out there. I've done a little research on WebMD and have realized this could be caused by shoes. It was about 2 years ago that I had a hip problem that was corrected with some insoles. Any suggestions out there on treating the symptoms as well as eliminating the injury? My knee feels the best while climbing so I am still a happy camper!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 46 - 10,700' (540,700')

316 - 1,700' at Sleepy Gap
317 - 0'
318 - 3,300' on Shut-In
319 - 1,300' Mountains to Sea Trail
320 - 0' - Was hoping to make THIS RUN with Mad A and Mike, but for sure next time. Love the fell runnin' portion of this one guys! Shirtless in Nov. no less.
321 - 2,000' on Driveway reps
322 - 2,400' Bear Wallow x 4. Temps in the 20's with high winds, but skies were clear with some great views. Saw my first icicles of the season.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 45 - 12,100' (530,000')

309 - 2,000' - Roads
310 - 0'
311 - 2,300' - Back Roads
312 - 1,300' - Mountains to Sea Trail
313 - 1,300' - Mountains to Sea Trail
314 - 3,000' Driveway Reps x 15 hard
315 - 2,200' Driveway Reps x 11 easy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

15 quarters w/200'

Had the urge to just go short and hard today and used my driveway rep route to accommodate my needs this morning. So I did 2 warm up reps and saw that I was at the 2:53 range for the quarter and about 200' climb. The 3rd I went balls out just to see what I could do and saw a 2:21 and decided I pick somewhere between for the final 12 and pretty much hit the 2:35-2:40 mark for each. Was enjoying some good music on the ups/hards and downs/easy. Here's a few of my favorites of the morning and I'm sure you can guess what was playing on the the times I was blissfully burying myself and when I was peacefully recovering.