Sunday, August 29, 2010

Days 71-72 = 3,700', 2700'

Made it out this weekend to hit Mt. Mitchell and Mt. Pisgah. I can feel some fitigue setting in again, a little bit of forced rest coming up will be good.
117,729 up, 32,271 to go.
I'll be spending a few days in a flat area, but will try to hit a 400' stair climb a few times just for the fun of it. Then I'll be heading to an area where I should be able to get some climbing in near the French-Italian border. Not completely sure where I'll be, but hoping for some opportunity to get in some beautiful runs. Then I'll be in the UK, up north, minutes away from this course, so I'll be sure to experience some fell running. I've been told that whatever I'm wearing on my feet now won't work where we're going. Looking forward to the no trail, straight up climbs.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Days 66-70 = 4,354'

Day 66 - 0'
Day 67 - 851'
Day 68 - 1,326'
Day 69 - 851'
Day 70 - 1,326'
111,329' up, 38,671' to go. Gimme another 2 weeks vacation and I'll have this thing finished!
70% of the days are finished and 74.2% of the vertical is finished.
This was a pretty uneventful week as far as climbing goes. Certainly no match for the previous week. Looking forward to another solid weekend to keep me ahead as some travel is coming up again. Will be following the UTMB through tomorrow morning. Looking forward to a battle between Roes and Jornet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Days 64&65 - 2,114', 2,283'

Check out some race reports in the next few days from a group of guys that had a great weekend of epic racing.
GZ, - Top Master's at PPM. Only guys over 40 to go faster than GZ this morning were legends Matt Carpenter and Bernie Boettcher.

Tim W, - 1st 100 miler - 6th at Leadville 100, passed 11 guys in the final 50 miles of the race. I have a feeling he's not done with this race.

Nick C, - 5th at PPM and I'm sure he's quite happy with this, but will certaily be looking for the 36 seconds somewhere to have a sub 4 hour under his belt.

I'm sure we'll have a great report from Tony as well. Appears as though he went for a CR again at Leadville 100 and ended up needing some medical attention around the 80 mile mark and was unable to finish. Well wishes for Tony and a quick, complete recovery.

I ran into this view this morning.
The past 9 days I've run 8 times for a total of 28,897'. That's an average of 3,210' per day for 9 days, or 3,612' for the 8 days of running. But tomorrow it's back to work! I actually feel pretty good and feel like I could keep this up for a little while longer. At the 2/3 mark, day 67, I will have about an 8,000' cushion which translates into about 5.33 days. I'll need every bit of it with the travel I have coming up.
I have climbed 107,775' in 65 days and have 35 days to get in the remaining 42,225'.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Vertical Vacation

Lotsa vertical for days 56-63, was able to ascend during the 6 days sandwiched between travel days 56&63. However, the highlight of this Vertical Vacation was the time I was able to spend with my family. Most of what I ran during the 6 days was very low milage and very high % grade, an average of 17%. This type of terrain allowed me to get in my runs early in the morning and then have loads of time with the family. I summited Mt. Washington 3 times and was met at the summit by my family; so yea, I took the easy way down! We slept in a tent and had an outdoor kitchen, livingroom and shower. We even had a garden that the kids picked and ate directly from along with blackberry and blueberry bushes. Riley was often found deep inside the berry patches. Here are some shots of where we stayed.
Livingroom with fire place


Smores at the campfire


View from outdoor shower

Vegatable and Berry garden


And here are the numbers. 24,500' of ascending and 11,250 of descending on a total of 38.8 miles. 27.4 miles up and 11.4 miles down. That's an average of 17% grade on the climbs and almost 19% coming down. It was actually the Auto Road that brought my average percent down on the climbs!
Day 56 = 0'
Day 57 = 4,300' - MW via Tuckerman's Ravine trail. Up only.
Day 58 = 6,650' - MW via the Auto Road, then Wild Cat via the Pole Cat trail. Up only on MW, up/down on Wild Cat.
Day 59 = 4,500' - Mt. Adams via Airline Trail. Up/Down.
Day 60 = 2,750' - Mt. Jefferson via Caps Ridge trail. Up/Down.
Day 61 = 2,000' - Wild Cat via the Pole Cat trail. Up/Down.
Day 62 = 4,300' - MW via Tuckerman's Ravine trail. Up only.
Day 63 = 0'
103,378' in 63 days, with 46,622' to go.
I've got another nice cushion to work with here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days 53,54,55 - 851',1,323', 0'

78,878' in 55 days, with 71,122' to go.
I have averaged 1,434' per day, 66' off the pace for a total of 3,622' behind schedule at this point.
I will need to average 1,580' / day for the next 45 days to meet the goal.
My goal for the next 7 days is to be at 100,000' on day 62. I'll need to average about 3,018' per day to do this. I'm looking to have a couple big days to make this happen.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Days 51&52 - 2,838', 851'

On the Sunday morning run I saw this huge mushroom that something had been nibbling on. Then, a few minutes up the trail I saw this white knight and he was talking backwards. It was hard to understand him, but it sounded like he was saying something about the Beatles. Anyway, got some good vertical in on a day that I really didn't feel like running. Then, that evening we had a great game of kickball with the kids. Kickball might just be my favorite sport. Got an easy climb in this morning on my staple 851' er.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Days 44-50 = 4,400'

2 days of travel, 5 days in SLC with 4 days on the same 1,100' climb out of downtown up to Ensign Peak. Quick and easy and a great way to start the morning. I only missed one run while there, but that was just because I had too many conversations with a little hottie named Tequila the night before! Didn't have a chance to talk to these guys, but happened to see Timmy P, Scott J and Tony K at the OR show. These guys are celeberties at this show. I wanted to chat a bit, but they were just being swarmed and I imagined they were answering the same questions all day long. If you're ever in SLC and pressed for time I highly suggest this little climb out of the city.

At the halfway mark I'm 73,015' up and 76,985 to go, 1,985' behind schedule. However I have major plans for some serious vertical August 14-19. If all goes well and I can hang I plan on averaging no less than 3,000'/day during the 6 days I'm in the White Mountains which would put me somewhere around 95,000' by day 62 and back ahead of schedule. I do, however, expect to be closer to 24,000' for the 6 days in the White Mountains, only an injury can hold me back on this one. I'm thinking of planning 3 days of up/down and 3 days of up only to go for the 24,000' in 6 days.