Sunday, August 22, 2010

Days 64&65 - 2,114', 2,283'

Check out some race reports in the next few days from a group of guys that had a great weekend of epic racing.
GZ, - Top Master's at PPM. Only guys over 40 to go faster than GZ this morning were legends Matt Carpenter and Bernie Boettcher.

Tim W, - 1st 100 miler - 6th at Leadville 100, passed 11 guys in the final 50 miles of the race. I have a feeling he's not done with this race.

Nick C, - 5th at PPM and I'm sure he's quite happy with this, but will certaily be looking for the 36 seconds somewhere to have a sub 4 hour under his belt.

I'm sure we'll have a great report from Tony as well. Appears as though he went for a CR again at Leadville 100 and ended up needing some medical attention around the 80 mile mark and was unable to finish. Well wishes for Tony and a quick, complete recovery.

I ran into this view this morning.
The past 9 days I've run 8 times for a total of 28,897'. That's an average of 3,210' per day for 9 days, or 3,612' for the 8 days of running. But tomorrow it's back to work! I actually feel pretty good and feel like I could keep this up for a little while longer. At the 2/3 mark, day 67, I will have about an 8,000' cushion which translates into about 5.33 days. I'll need every bit of it with the travel I have coming up.
I have climbed 107,775' in 65 days and have 35 days to get in the remaining 42,225'.


  1. So you are 2/3rds of the way through this type of training. How you liking it? Whatcha seeing and feeling?

  2. I feel like can climb forever at a moderate effort!
    The downside is I'm REALLY slow on flat terrain now. Did 7 miles very flat this morning and was moving along like a snail.
    After this is done I should feel pretty good, but will definately need to mix in some other training.
    This is alot of fun, but wouldn't say it's the best training.