Friday, August 20, 2010

A Vertical Vacation

Lotsa vertical for days 56-63, was able to ascend during the 6 days sandwiched between travel days 56&63. However, the highlight of this Vertical Vacation was the time I was able to spend with my family. Most of what I ran during the 6 days was very low milage and very high % grade, an average of 17%. This type of terrain allowed me to get in my runs early in the morning and then have loads of time with the family. I summited Mt. Washington 3 times and was met at the summit by my family; so yea, I took the easy way down! We slept in a tent and had an outdoor kitchen, livingroom and shower. We even had a garden that the kids picked and ate directly from along with blackberry and blueberry bushes. Riley was often found deep inside the berry patches. Here are some shots of where we stayed.
Livingroom with fire place


Smores at the campfire


View from outdoor shower

Vegatable and Berry garden


And here are the numbers. 24,500' of ascending and 11,250 of descending on a total of 38.8 miles. 27.4 miles up and 11.4 miles down. That's an average of 17% grade on the climbs and almost 19% coming down. It was actually the Auto Road that brought my average percent down on the climbs!
Day 56 = 0'
Day 57 = 4,300' - MW via Tuckerman's Ravine trail. Up only.
Day 58 = 6,650' - MW via the Auto Road, then Wild Cat via the Pole Cat trail. Up only on MW, up/down on Wild Cat.
Day 59 = 4,500' - Mt. Adams via Airline Trail. Up/Down.
Day 60 = 2,750' - Mt. Jefferson via Caps Ridge trail. Up/Down.
Day 61 = 2,000' - Wild Cat via the Pole Cat trail. Up/Down.
Day 62 = 4,300' - MW via Tuckerman's Ravine trail. Up only.
Day 63 = 0'
103,378' in 63 days, with 46,622' to go.
I've got another nice cushion to work with here.


  1. Beautiful country. Did you hook up with Tilton while out there at all?

  2. Didn't see KT, but realised about 15 times how sick it is that he went sub :60 on Tuck's! 4.2 miles and 4,300' in one hour is certainly doable by him, but the terrain is what makes it such an accomplishment.