Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Break Break

Hava a friend visiting this weekend who will be doing a 100 miler in a few weeks and maybe Mountain Masochist later on. I changed up my boring routine so I could show Dale what kind of verticle Asheville has to offer; he's interested in getting in some verticle this weekend, he's a flat lander. Dale gave me a lesson in climbing today and he finished the run feeling fresh while I was past my limit.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog Break

The past couple of weeks I've realised that I have not built the base that I need to to reach the time goals that I've set for myself. I think the milage is good, but there are other aspects of base-building that need to take place, as well, in order for the base to be a good base. I've had alot of fun building milage, but my race goals aren't about "just having fun" so why should my training be about just having fun? I'm going to focus 100% on having a complete base before choosing any goal races. Any other way I'm only setting myself up for failure. I'm going to take a break from blog documenting my training and hope to be back in a few months ready to go - standing on the shoulders of giants feeling strong.