Saturday, August 7, 2010

Days 44-50 = 4,400'

2 days of travel, 5 days in SLC with 4 days on the same 1,100' climb out of downtown up to Ensign Peak. Quick and easy and a great way to start the morning. I only missed one run while there, but that was just because I had too many conversations with a little hottie named Tequila the night before! Didn't have a chance to talk to these guys, but happened to see Timmy P, Scott J and Tony K at the OR show. These guys are celeberties at this show. I wanted to chat a bit, but they were just being swarmed and I imagined they were answering the same questions all day long. If you're ever in SLC and pressed for time I highly suggest this little climb out of the city.

At the halfway mark I'm 73,015' up and 76,985 to go, 1,985' behind schedule. However I have major plans for some serious vertical August 14-19. If all goes well and I can hang I plan on averaging no less than 3,000'/day during the 6 days I'm in the White Mountains which would put me somewhere around 95,000' by day 62 and back ahead of schedule. I do, however, expect to be closer to 24,000' for the 6 days in the White Mountains, only an injury can hold me back on this one. I'm thinking of planning 3 days of up/down and 3 days of up only to go for the 24,000' in 6 days.

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