Saturday, July 31, 2010

Days 41, 42, 43 - 851', 851', 4,790'

Another tough run today, did the same run as I did last Sunday, day 37, with a little extra added on the end. Felt a little better than I did last week, but still a run that's out of my league. I plan to keep running this until I belong in this route's league.
The staple weekly run, 851', is a 2.7 mile climb broken up in 3 sections, a 1 mile 450' climb, .7 mile 76' climb and a 1 mile 325' climb, turn around and head down.
Was nice to get a little ahead of the game. For the next 7 days I'll be looking at alot of vertical, but my schedule won't allow me to get a whole lot in. I'll be lucky to reach day 50 with 75,000' finished.
Here area few shots of todays run.


  1. This area, Mt. Pisgah, is quite lush with plenty of rainfall. I think it's technically considered a rain forest, lots of different species in the area as well. I like running this area in the summer because it's usually in the 60's all day long and direct sunlight has a hard time penetrating the trail. Above 5,000' here is nice and cool in the summer!

  2. For a minute there I thought you said penetrate the tail.

  3. Yea, that's what I meant. Do I have a typo somewhere?