Monday, November 28, 2011

Some video experimenting

Wow! Just watched these after I posted them and they are far too pixel-ly. Nothing much to see here, really.

Headed over to Little Pisgah this morning, but didn't do enough prep on the route and ended up just running up, down and around for a while for about 2,500' of vert. I guess I thought the route to the top was going to be real easy to follow, but about 1.25 miles in I suddenly had 4 different colored trail markers to follow - white, blue, yellow and red. This area can be like the Bermuda Triangle sometimes, so with the heavy fog and my lack of clothing I decided not to take any risks and just stick to where I was comfortable finding my way back. In the meantime, I decided to see how awful I was at video. This takes a good amount of practice! The first thing I need to do is SLOW DOWN!!! I think I get a little side tracked with the camera and scenery and forget about what I'm actually running up. Anyway, the next available clear day I have to run I will certainly be heading to the summit of Little Pisgah with a little better filming.


  1. The 4650 manifesto can now be typed from that shelter.

  2. Yeah, typed on a Clark Nova, delivered on foot to the post office, postage paid in moonshine, 2 weeks journey to CO, scanned and sent to an e-mail address where it could be copied and pasted to a blog ;-)