Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 46 - 10,700' (540,700')

316 - 1,700' at Sleepy Gap
317 - 0'
318 - 3,300' on Shut-In
319 - 1,300' Mountains to Sea Trail
320 - 0' - Was hoping to make THIS RUN with Mad A and Mike, but for sure next time. Love the fell runnin' portion of this one guys! Shirtless in Nov. no less.
321 - 2,000' on Driveway reps
322 - 2,400' Bear Wallow x 4. Temps in the 20's with high winds, but skies were clear with some great views. Saw my first icicles of the season.


  1. I finally watched the video.
    You fell!

    Drink beer!

  2. I wish I fell, but that was Mad A and Mike that fell. I'm sure they had a beer!

  3. Yeah, I meant you have access to some legit fell based on a lot of your pics. What're the numbers from that little pigsah run?

  4. I'll get some good data on that route sometime this week, but I think it's a 5 mile ascent with about 2,200' of gain. I think it's a nice dirt road most of the way at a cruising grade, then the last few hundred feet of ascent are fell-like. I think some of my photos might be a little mis-leading because most of the balds here have just 200-300' of ascent to them. Would love to have a 2,000' bald here to fell up ;-)