Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Acquisition

I just received an phone call from not only the coolest person, but also the sweetest peson, my Mom. My previous post had mentioned some changes at work, as well as, more time to to run mid-day. Well, this was certainly a lesson in writing/life. I, far too often, am unclear in my writing style; obviously I have more information in my head than what I'm laying down in this blog. A very obvious deduction from my last post would be that I could have alot of time on my hands for some great mid-day runs because I don't have a job! Yea, this would be ideal right now for training for MMC. However, as most of us know when we have all the time we want - we may not be able to meet our basic needs. And when meeting our basic needs is done every day, we may not have the time that we want. So...
The great company I work for was sold to a company with a pocketbook about 20x's the the size of ours. Only about a handful of us made "the cut." I am not only happy to still have a job for a company I like in an industry I love, but am very much appreciative to have been given more than what I had a week ago. In a day when most people are losing a job or taking less I was given a little more; can't tell you how good that feels for myself and my family. I'm looking forward to all the opportunity we now have to move forward with ideas that we've had. For the past few years we've been a company with a staff of big ideas, but a "small" billfold.
Hey, I wanted to get in a MAF test today, but there were some finishing things that needed to be done today so I hope to do that run tomorrow. Oh yea, our new office, scheduled for the first of the year, will be a about 400 meters form the Mountains to Sea Trail.

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