Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dropped from MMC

Couldn't take it any longer and wanted to see what my hip would feel like, so I went out on the Las Vegas strip at 6 this morning and ran around a big block for about 25 minutes very easy. Hip didn't feel well, but not as bad as it has. The degree of pain leveled off to bearable and I just went nice and easy for probably a little less that 3 miles. Got back to the hotel and really had the urge to get my HR up a little so I thought I'd give the stairs a try. Ran 35 floors, 16 steps per floor, in 5 minutes. This felt really good and had ZERO pain in my hip, most likely due to very low impact. I think I'll do the stairs 3-4 times tomorrow taking the elevator down.
I have an MRI on Wed. so hopefully I'll know soon what this is and the recovery can start. The PT and I are both leaning to stress fracture, but we'll see. I have officially taken myself out of MMC. Not too bummed about it, just want to get this hip thing under control.


  1. Yea I'm not in the clear yet either on mine...sorry to hear about that. Hope you can find out exactly what it is no matter the severity, because knowledge is power.

  2. Keep those hip problems on the east coast please.

    I ran in a hotel once ... about the same size ... on the stairs like that. I started getting dizzy because of all the turns. I'd also pass gas on a floor on the way up and then have to deal with it back on the way down. Ick.

    Empire State Building climb is coming up next month.

  3. Ya... I'm a pretty "hip" coach. What's in the water out there?

  4. Brett - what's going on w/ your hip still? Any better, are you still putting in some miles?
    GZ - You're either really fast or have thick gas! Perhaps thick gas makes you fast?
    Tim - Beer. Yea, you're a pretty cool coach, can't wait to start up again!

  5. Rick, click through IronMatron on Tim's latest post...go to her to her blog...I think it was yesterday's post...has about 20 comments.

    My hip is not getting worse, and its a lot better than it was a few weeks ago. I'm starting to ramp back up a little now and see how it does. I still don't know what happened - but I had a bad bruise so I must have bumped into something or gotten my ars kicked wrestling with the kids or something.