Friday, February 5, 2010

Hip Test

Did a 30 minute jog this morning on flat sidewalks. The ice falling from the sky was the most uncomfortable part of the run. Hip felt like it did a month ago, before I attempted Tsali 50K, so I'd say it's making some good progress. I ran as comfortable and natural as possible and noticed my cadence was higher than I expected, about 180. The engine was firing well. I'll do a little longer run tomorrow morning in the same area; I'm in Raleigh-Durham right now. Then I leave for Munich/Austria for a week tomorrow late morning. I want to continue to run through the week and see how the hip responds. I'm hoping the schedule allows for me to get in some morning runs, especially up a mountain in Austria! I was, however, told by our VP of International Sales, to "keep your skirt at home!" I've never used my wife's running skirt so I should be OK.

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