Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Salesman's Diagnosis

About 11 days ago, Feb. 5th to be exact, I was in Raliegh-Durham at the HQer's of the company that owns Highgear. This company has other brands including YakTrax and SofSole. I was in town getting ready for Munich/Austria and going over some of our product with some guys that also sell Yaks and SofSole insoles. I'm working with this guy Tommy, who has sold insoles for 12-13 years. He can't help but look you up and down from behind just to see how you walk - ultimately to see if you need insoles. So he's behind me as we are heading down the hall to the office I was working out of to look over some Highgear product when he says
"Are you having some pain in your right hip?"
I gave him a look like - don't go there, I don't want to joke around about my hip.
He gives a look back that makes me realize he doesn't know anything about my hip problem so
I say "You're joking right?"
He says "No, why do you have some pain?"
"Why? Am I limping?"
"No" he says, "You're over-pronating like a mother-fucker."
"Are you serious? I said.
"Yea, this is what you look like when you walk." He then showed me how the inside of my foot was falling in like I had no arch, flat feet. He ripped apart the shoes I was running in, gave me some Stability Soles and told me to get a new pair of shoes. Well, I have to say this guy told me 10 times more than any Dr. or PT did in less than 5 minutes. I just wish he could have saved me my co-pay on my MRI !!!
So I'm on the mend. I got rid of the "minimal" type shoes I was wearing. I have the insoles in and back to the shoes I used injury free for years. For the next 2 weeks I'm going to feel out my hip and get a little fitnes back. Then, I plan to start training again on March 1st, the day registration opens for Mt. Washington.



    Sorry - I could not resist. :)

    No joke - confirmation word here was UNSORE

  2. Thanks Brett!
    GZ-UNSORE? really? That's a good sign!! Yes, OPMF, that's a good one. I might put that phrase on my mill dash. So what's the bet come June 20th?

  3. What's happening June 20 and can I get in on the action?

  4. http://www.mountwashingtonroadrace.com/

  5. Oh! In that case, maybe I don't want in on the action .. this year.

  6. Yea, you might have something important going on the following weekend 3 time zones over...