Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday - Sunday

Put in another week like the previous, but without the high altitude. Just over 10 hours of running and just under 10,000' of verticle.
Monday and Tuesday were more on the recovery side w/ a few uphill strides thrown in there.
Wednesday was a progression run that did not progress as planned. 3 mile w/u with some strides, then a 7 mile progression. After about 3 miles any progression had me struggling so just cruised at whatever I felt I could handle for the rest of the run.
Thursday was some more recovery followed by a moderate 90 minutes on Friday.
Felt strong on Saturday going 40 minutes at 1 hard/1 easy, 16 reps were uphill and 4 were down for 1,500' of climbing. With w/u and c/d this was a 90 minute run.
Nice and long and easy on Sunday with a good amount of climbing. 2:33 w/ 3,730' of up/down. Struggled a bit on anything steep, but felt really good on all the moderate stuff.

Can't beat blue tongues, snowcones, and a ball game on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. What team for the ball game?

    Love the blue tongues.

    Landed on what you will shoot for next?

  2. Asheville Tourists - The Rockies A club team.
    I'm thinking Mt. Evans. What can you say about the course since you tore it up a few years ago?

  3. Nice.

    Evans is not too steep, as it gains 4000ish in 14 miles. The last couple of miles (or maybe it is a mile, it just felt that long), are tough though. There is even some down in the middle. And the footing, of course is excellent.

    But that last mile. Ouch.