Thursday, June 17, 2010

150k vertical in 100 days.

OK, I'm a little bored with what I'm doing right now (not a whole lot) but I have no desire to race or train, just run for fun. I do, however, have the need to set a goal. One that doesn't involve racing, training or competing will be new to me, so I've decided to challenge myself to something I like doing the most, but wouldn't be too easy. I've come up with 150,000' of verticle in 100 days. This actually doesn't seem like a lot, but the fact that I'll need to descend all the verticle as well puts it just on the edge of a fun challenge. This will be an average of 1,500' per day for 100 days. At a casual effort I think a 1,500' ascent will be 35-40 minutes, so round trip I'm looking at about an hour a day run. I think this will be much harder to do than it looks on paper. I'll call Saturday June 19th my first day and Sunday September 26 the last day (notice I didn't use start/finish to avoid the competitive aspect!). There will be some challenges with verticle on some travel I have, but there will also be some great opportunites to make up for lost verticle on some other trips. For the last 5 days of this 100 day challenge I will be at Loon Mountain which has 2,100' of vertical in 2.5 miles. I should be able to make up for any lost vertical on that trip. I hope to develop some fun consistency and a chance to look for some new steep trails in the next 100 days.

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