Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakin' Webs

During the winter after an overnight snowfall it's nice to be out early breakin' trail. It's very easy to know that you're the first one out. In the summer, however, there are no footprints in the snow to validate this simple pleasure. Instead there's the breaking of spider webs across the trail anywhere from the kneee to the face that validates that I'm the first one out in the mornings. I prefer to be second out this time of year. Nice easy rolling recovery run this morning.
Day 38 - 538'.


  1. Hey Rick! Any chance you might do the 10km trail championships at the Continental Divide race in late August? The training has been awesome!

  2. Thanks Dave, but I don't think so. As nice as this all looks on a blog I really haven't pushed myself at all with any intensity; I hardly get out of the low Zone 2. Yesterday I got a taste of some intensity and it hurt and I'm sore today! It's a good race there though, do you think you'll do it?