Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 98 - 1,890' = 150,000'

Another beautiful morning on Loon Mtn. A much different beauty than yesterday, but nonetheless, equally as beautiful. An amazing lake a few hundred feet below the summit, socked in with fog was the 150,000' mark. Really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, serene spot. I could have stayed there all day with Maureen.
So, 150,000' up, 0' to go.

A much different view than yesterday morning.
Getting a little higher getting into more fog.
A few hundred feet below the summit and it's all socked in.
A beautiful lake that marks the 150,000' mark.
Socked in with fog, it's a great sight. I will, however, find my way here once things clear up a little to see the mountains surrounding this lake. A solid altimeter watch that made it possible for me to plan exactly where I wanted to ascend to this morning. It also calculated all of the 150,000' of vertical I've done in the past 98 days.


  1. Yahoo! Wow. So did the 100 days go by fast or slow? :) Or both...

  2. Thanks Brett! It actually went by very quickly. I was very lucky to be able to run in some great places the past 100 days. Combine that with being a little worried that I wouldn't hit my mark, time went by very fast!

    Thanks GZ!