Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candy Apples

In an attempt to have some control over the amount of Holloween candy my kids will eat in a day I started out using the phrase that has been passed down from generation to generation - "You'll get a tummy-ache if you eat too much candy." I can't say if this is true or not because I never had a tummy-ache from eating too much candy - or, perhaps I never ate too much candy. Either way, I didn't believe this when I was a kid and neither do my kids. I can see it in their eyes, that phrase is just another way of saying "NO!" So, I decided I'd be a little creative and allow them to eat as much candy as they wanted. The only requirement is that they need to eat a small apple cut into nice smiley face slices before they can pick a peice of candy. This is working very well I must say. Last night both Riley and Kayle went 3 for 3 - that is they each ate 3 small apples and picked out a piece of candy after each apple they ate. About 5 minutes after the 3rd piece of candy was eaten Kayle said "Daddy, I have a tummy-ache." And, of course, I said "Well, I think you ate too much candy." Riley spoke up before I was able to finish the word candy and said, "No Dad, I think it was all the apples."
Ran 8 miles (142) this morning and felt MUCH better than I did yesterday. The 8 miles I ran today was done 7 minutes faster than the 7 miles I ran yesterday at about the same effort. The courses were alot different, but I still felt alot better at the same effort and will chalk that up as some progress.

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