Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since the racing itch still doesn't seem to flare up like it used to and the thirst for balance has me deaf in one ear I've decided to go for the half million this year. I had a load of fun doing the 150,000' in 100 days and thought a longer, more balanced approach for a full year challenge could have huge benefits. When I decided to do the 150,000' last June I was confident in having the ability to be able to physically put in the vertical. The big challenge was going to be fitting it in with the crazy schedule I had. For this 500,000' I have the opposite situation, I will not be dealing with all the logistics of travelling and should be able to keep a very balanced approach throughout the year, but am wondering how difficult this will be physically. I am starting this year at a low point in fitness. I was very sick for 4-5 weeks in Nov/Dec and have just started running again about 2 weeks ago. I like this situation though, I think this way I can see a balanced build, hopefully peak during the summer, then enjoy the Fall with some relaxing runs in a state of some nice fitness. This would all be ideal and a much more balanced way than gettng out and trying to do 1,370'/day or 9,590'/week. Although there seems to be great balance in numbers that way, it creates a lack of balance in my life. Balance takes creativity and adjustments. Watch a kid balancing, hopping from one rock to another. Observe how the arms are out and the adjustments made each time she/he leans too far in one direction. That's balance! A goal of 1,370'/day is just plain drudgery. My plan is to let the 500,000' come to me, never forcing the numbers. Sure, I will put myself on trails/routes that help me get to 500,000, but I don't see myself going out for a 5,000' run just so I can be at 250,000' on July 1st ;-)


  1. Love the balance analogy. Afterward, make sure to yell 'Did you see THAT!' Great goal!

  2. Whoa - even the title has changed.

    It would be 250k on June 30 though. :)

    Challenging but do-able goal. Anton had a million last year, I had 250k ... focus on the balanced middle will be tough but do-able.

    Look forward to watching.

  3. Devise a plan that puts you on that kind of vertical. That's the key. Year-long. Consistent? Balance? Sure.

    But the balance we need to start discoursing again is the one that includes the balance of run and recovery ;)

    And although you don't have the race itch, signing-up for a few climbs are a great way to get some of that vertical, enjoy a great day on the trail with some competition (even if it's only against the trial/yourself), and build fitness.

    Of course, the post race beers (recovery) will be large.

  4. Thanks Tim, once I start to regain a little of that balance that we're born with that I see so clearly in our 4 and 6 year olds I'll be sure to shout "Did you see THAT!"
    Thanks GZ, looking forward to it and getting a few feet in with you sometime again.
    Hey Matt, "Words of wisdom Lloyd, Words. Of. Wisdom." Maureen and I are planning to do a bunch of the local 5 and 10k's this year. Not sure how hard I'll go each time, but we wanted to get back out and get our kids out into that the social aspect of the great running community we have here in Asheville. I costs less than going to the movies and is alot more fun!

  5. Hey Rick,
    Do you ever get out with Adam Hill, Matt Kirk, or any of those long distance folks there? Adam's a riot and puts on fun runs that shame many organized races.

  6. Hey Tim, I only know of those guys through a common friend, Jay Curwen, but have never run with them. They're out of my league as far as milage goes, but I wouldn't mind getting out with them and modifying some of their routes. Thanks, I'll look them up.

  7. Eager to follow as the vert adds up. Curious to see whether the goal becomes a grind...or whether the goal continues to feel fresh and fun through the year. Definitely sounds doable. Made me look at my vert for 2010...around 375K. Interesting to think what another 125K would have meant time/route/effort-wise. Good luck!

  8. Thanks Jim. I'd guess that I had close to the same amout of vert as you did in 2010, so yea, finding that other 25% will be interesting. If I continue the approach that I have planned, the 500,000 should come to me and continue to feel fresh (fingers crossed). Really looking forward to those Oct/Nov months of being fit and enjoying some runs that would usually bury me in April.