Saturday, January 22, 2011

HR Comparison Up vs. Flat

Matt got me thinking a little about the effort I run at on the treadmill at 12% grade. I thought that a nice flat run with time, distance and HRM data would be a fun experiment. The MP3 player was a nice addition to a flat run on sidewalks without much to look at this morning. I must say though, not having to run on boring, flat, breathing car farts all the time doesn't make it so bad when it necessary once in a while. It's kind of a nice break from the usual and I had fun with the music and data.
After a 2 mile warm up with Tima (who wanted nothing to do with a leashed run on a sidewalk) 20 minutes and average HR of 118, I dropped Tima off at the house and got right into a 5 miler with an average HR of 141 and a time of 40:53. Before the run I thought that my 12% grade at 4.2 mph would translate to about an 8:00 flat pace, so it was pretty close. Felt pretty good, but it wasn't difficult for me to notice my body is more efficient running up, than flat at the same HR.


  1. Nice. Just for the hell of it, work in some progressive long runs starting at 2 hrs and building to around 4 hours by late March.

  2. 4 hours by late March is doable, but I don't see myself doing any runs longer than 2 hours for a while - probably some 3 hour runs in the late Spring. Since I'm not training for a 42 miler with 12,000' of vertical I think I'll kick back for a while ;-)