Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 6 - 15,530' (68,970')

36 - 1,900' - up/down on a mix of trails.
37 - 1,000' - up/down on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
38 - 2,380' - up/down on SI/HT/BRPW.
39 - 2,070' - up/down on SI/BRPW. *
40 - 2,850' - up only on treadmill @ 6mph/6%. **
41 - 2,530 - up only on treadmill.
42 - 2,800' - up/down on Shut-In with a 27:00 Tempo of 1,100'/200'. ***
Another solid week for me. I'd say I was in the area of 10 hours of running with no problems. Last Friday I had expected this week to be more of a recovery week and that's just how it started out. But, mid week I started feeling really good after 20-30 minutes of easy running so I extended a few of my runs and ended up with a week that would have been big for me anytime in the last 15 years. It was last year around this time that I learned that starting to feel good 30 minutes into a run is a good sign that my fitness is coming along. I expect this coming week to be more of a step back for some recovery, but I'll take the same approach and go with what it is.

* = Ran nice and easy on Shut-In for about 90 minutes, then jumped off the trail onto the Parkway and did 10 x :30 at about 6%-8% grade with a 1 minute easy jog between.

** = This treadmill run at 6mph/6% is sort of becoming a measuring stick for me. I'd like to keep this going once a week and have it be a comfortable 2 hour run by the end of March. This week was 90 minutes and last week was 100 minutes. Both were comfortable, but I know at 2 hours that would not be the case. I think I'll add 5 minutes a week to this run and by the end of March it should be a comfy 2 hour climb.
*** = This was a great way to end a big week. I had decided that if I felt good after an hour of easy running I'd throw in a Tempo run with some good climbing. I might make this a weekly challenge as well since this Tempo Course starts off with a 450' climb, then rolls with about 150' of up/down, then finishes with a 500' climb. I like how it's a big mix of grades and I need to concentrate on an even effort. I have alot of work to do on even effort though. I felt great on the first climb, then was moving at a good clip during the light rolling section feeling very controlled, but as soon as I hit the last climb it didn't feel like a Tempo effort anymore, I was just surviving. Perhaps I should have gone back to the song I was listening to during the first climb. It'll be a challenge learning an even effort on this section.


  1. You still need to check out Scott Fitzgerald Thunderdrums...
    And if I may suggest a light gray color for your text? The black on blue is tough on the eyes...or maybe that's the goal.

  2. I listened to a few samples that Amazon had, "Wolf Mountain" I remember thinking was your cool down music ;-) I'll check again and see if I can get some of the songs down on my MP3, I liked what I heard and I'm going to need something like that for the mill. My kids will probably like it too.
    Good point on the text, hope this is better.

  3. Pretty solid, mate. Looks like you're finding a good mix of paces in there too. I did 10 Thurs. with 2500ft. but so many of the grades are 30%+ that I'm simply smashed afterwards, especially with a cold. Had to take the next day off. I like your daily consistency. All hail the treadmill.

    Hopefully getting in about 20 miles today.

    keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Matt. I'm finding that running everyday is much easier than I thought it would be and the benefits are far greater than what I used to try and do. To get in 50 miles a week I would do something like run 4 days a week 20/15/10/5. I feel more ready/recovered spreading it out over 7 days and I must say the fitness seems to be coming quicker. Not to mention the risk of injury seems less running everyday compared to burying myself 2-3 times a week. I'm not doing anything long right now, 2 hours tops, but I feel like I could go out and do a 20 miler. I see the benefits that GZ has had from his daily consistancy and thought I'd give it a try. I've noticed that the first 3 days of the week are pretty easy, then I get an itch and do something a little more and by the last 2-3 days of the week I'm ready to go. This is all happening without a plan, this is just what my body is telling me to do. It's working so far.
    Your 10/2,600' loop is brutal. It's tough enough going up that steep stuff, but coming down is even worse! If you do 20/5,200' then you're the MAN!