Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 11 - 15,650' (144,830')

71 - 900' - up/down on Shut-In.
72 - 4,200' - up/down on Shut-In with 5x440' at max. See this post.
73 - 900' - up/down on BRPW.
74 - 900' - up/down on BRPW.
75 - 3,900 - 1,900' up/down on Shut-In, then 2,000' up only on treadmill.
76 - 2,700 - up/down on Shut-In with a Double Tempo. See this post.
77 - 2,150 - up/down on final 2 mile section of Shut-In and the Mt. Pisgah Trail all done between 4,200'-5,700' of elevation. VERY EASY effort today.

This week I wanted to go a little easier on the easy days and a little bigger on the quality days. I'm gearing up for a good 10 week training block for Mt. Evans and I'm sure it will look more like this. So for the next 2-3 weeks I plan on going a little harder and a little easier.

Took a few shots of where I do most of my runs on the Shut-In trail the other day when it was all shut in.


  1. Awesome venue to run in... the overcast adds that element of not knowing what's past that next bend or tree.. I love mornings like that! Thanks for sharing...

  2. When the weather's like that and I'm on a new trail my 1 hour out/back turns into 2 hours for sure!

  3. That's Tima, but when she's not around I usually get to see some deer.

  4. Hey! We will def. have to catch up sometime on soccer. I have yet to meet a true player that played for years that has not had some sort of knee issue/surgery/tear. I was riding the other day with a guy who told me he had 4x surgery on his knee...and I thought...from riding? really? and he said, no- soccer. I just had to laugh because I GET IT!
    Great blog- glad to see you are able to do so much with your running. Take care!

  5. Thanks Damie.
    I feel pretty lucky with my knee. I was in my mid-late twenties playing "for fun" in a 7 aside men's league when I was finally finished for good. I chose no surgery at that point and went with some good physical therapy. The outside of my left knee is like a really old strethced out rubberband on the inside! Other than changing directions quickly I can pretty much do everyting else.