Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 9 - 13,800' (113,850')

57 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.
58 - 1,300' up/down on Shut-in/BRPW.
59 - 1,300' up/down on Mountains to Sea Trail. Tempo effort on the way back. *
60 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-in/BRPW.
61 - 1,350' up/down on BRPW with 1h/1e x 15. **
62 - 1,900' up/down on Shut-In.
63 - 3,950' up only Progression Run on treadmill. ***

A nice week for me with a little less vertical, but a solid 10 hours on my feet with some quality stuff thrown in. I'd like to see my weeks start to mold more into what I did this past week as I gear up for a mid-June Peak.

* = This is one of my favorite runs to do, especially when things go as well as they did on this day. A nice out/back using the out as a warm up and the back as a Tempo. 48:32/41:22 (128/146). There's not alot of climbing on this trail, but I still wouldn't consider it a fast trail. There's lots of tree roots and the trail twist and turns throughout the whole run, but it still works well for holding a solid effort. With all the turns and being close to trees I feel like I'm going really fast!

** = 1:00 hard/1:00 easy up a 6% grade road. Felt strong during this session. Took HR split data every minute and average HR for each minute was between 144 and 148. I'll take this as a sign that I was keeping a pretty even effort throughout the 30 minutes and I was recovering the same one each as well.

*** = Holy crap, I learned how a nice controlled progression run can turn quickly on me. This was a 12.5 mile run increasing the speed .1 mph every mile - 5.5 - 6.7 all at 6% grade. I would NOT call this a 12.5 mile progression run, it was more like a 6 mile warm up, and a 6.5 mile progression - 6.1-6.7. I pretty much got my ass handed to me the last 2.5 miles. Mile 11 things started getting a little tough, you could say I was wondering around looking for the right place. Mile 12 I picked up the shovel and started digging. Then the last .5 mile I just buried myself! Even with Janis in the room shouting at me to Try Just a Little Bit Harder, I couldn't keep it up.

I'd been sort of wanting/waiting for this to happen. I felt, in previous weeks, I had been challenging myself only to realise I could have done more on Friday's runs. I felt no need to rush anything, but knew a day like today would come sooner or later - so I'm happy it happened today and I'll be recovering with My Wheaties so I'm ready again tomorrow.

My Wheaties ;-)


  1. Wheaties, eh?

    You do your weeks thru Friday?

    Love the ***

  2. Yea, Saturday thru Friday, 1/1/11 was a Saturady so I just started keeping track of training on Jan 1st.
    Wheaties are good recovery ;-)

  3. You've got me by a good 20k' of vert on the year so far. I've got to start upping my game.

    What's in mid June?

  4. Hey Nick. I'd take a 2:36 and 90,000' of vert on the year right now ;-)
    I'd like to do Mt. Evans in June. It's up to work/travel logistics as far as making it happen. I've been in Asheville for 3 years now, so I'm sure the altitude is going to kick my ass, but I'm UP for it.

  5. Franziskaner is awesome! I used to get it (daily) on draft at Brixx pizza in Charlotte.
    Cranking the climb!

  6. There's a Brixx a few minutes away from me; I'll have to go check it out soon and see what they have on tap.