Thursday, May 5, 2011

I like it Back to Back

This is the 4th week of Evans specific training and my favorite part of every week is the Wed/Thur back-to-back quality days. Some weeks it's 800's followed by a Tempo, the next week a Tempo followed by mile reps. This week I did a 3-2-1 ladder, 3:00-2:00-1:00 x 3, then 5 x :30 yesterday followed by a 9 mile progression run this morning on a rolling dirt road - did the last 3 miles in 19:14, so I was quite happy with getting some turn-over speed back - this will help alot on Evans. These back-to-back quality days work very well for me - I seem to have a big window, more than 24 hours, before any fatigue sets in, and I usually feel better on Thursday's than I do on Wednesdays. By the time Wed. comes around I'm well rested and recovered and have a great quality day that seems to just prime my body for Thursday. This also allows for more recovery before my Sunday Long Run - my weakness.


  1. Are you starting to look ill as in you're getting really lean, as in if you wondered onto a pitch right now you would get laughed at and subsequently pushed around?

    How's the weight?

  2. Oh boy, if I stepped onto the pitch right now I'd expect to be the strongest one out there ;-) I'm at a good match weight right now!
    I've never been one of those really shredded up guys. My weight is good right now, I lost the necesasry 10lbs I needed to and another 5 would be great, but I'm concentrating more on training hard and being recovered/ready every day more than losing the 5lbs. I'll be happy weighing 3-4 lbs less on race day - I think a few will just come off because of the training.

  3. What's the injury you've mentioned that prevents you from playing ball?

    I can't wait for next Sunday. A little trash talking is going on. Picture me doing some drills this week with the 7 year old (cuz his coach has him working on good fundamentals anyways) and sharpening my elbows. And knees. Time to grind a few boys to the turf.

  4. My ACL on my left knee is like a rubber band that's been stretched to twice it's size. If I change direction quickly, pushing off with my left, my knee pops out then right back in and hurts like hell for a few minutes. If I'm not careful on steep twisty-turny descents it will pop out.
    Sounds like some Sunday Futbol fun going on there. Get some good shoulder-to-shoulder-knocking-them-off-the-ball tima in as well!