Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wed/Thur Endorphine Rush

As I just wrote that title I wondered why a shoe company hasn't named a shoe The Endorphine yet? I just might need to name my dream Pub with treadmills in it where drink specials are offered with vertical done on the mill called The Endorphine.

Yesterday was my first bad day of running in a long time - can't remember the last one I had. A 7.5 mile TT was scheduled and I felt like shit from the start - I could hardly move and was too stubborn to just jog it out. I suffered immensely for 5-6 miles before I bonked and finally let it go and jogged it in. Did what I could to keep positive thoughts through this, then had a nice chat later on with Tim which was a big help in keeping the positive thoughts and boosting confidence. Ate ALOT of speghetti last night and this late morning - my favorite with some olive oil and a generic tomato sauce with mushrooms.

Ran nice and easy for about 45 minutes this morning before going hard on 8x:30 on a steep climb of about 50'/rep with a :45 recovery jog back down. Looks like the spaghetti has cleared up the bad day and hope to be ready for some more hard work on Sunday.

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  1. Had no idea you are from Asheville until I read a previous post. A good friend from Fort Wayne moved there several years ago and teach's and coaches girls cross country at one of the local High Schools out there. His name is Brian Schultz... He's also a runner and a damn good biker and swimmer as well...

    Speaking of funks, I just went through one myself after my half marathon last Saturday, think I snapped out of it this morning after my run, which surprisingly felt really good.