Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old TT, New PR

Was just planning a moderate run this morning, but when they legs and body feel the way they did this morning I like to take advantage of it. Sort of like getting to pick the day I want to race ;-)
After 5-10 minutes of jogging and just feeling like I was bouncing off the dirt I decided to make my way around to a spot that starts an old TT that I haven't done since April, I think, where I went 23:04. This little hill is broken up into 3 distinct sections, a short steep 450' climb, then a rolling middle with 150' of climb, and finishes with another short steep 500' climb. Without killing my self I went 21:57 on splits of 6:10, 8:40, 7:07. Never looked at my watch, just hit the split button at each point. I'm sure if I looked at my watch at any point I would have run a 22:01 or something and not a sub 22:00! Great, cool morning to run, temps in the mid 50's. Went 90 minutes with 2,600' of vert.

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  1. Sweet. "Bouncing off the dirt." I like that. Versus "bouncing into the dirt."