Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 44 - 13,900' (517,900')

302 - 2,000' - Driveway reps.
303 - 0'
304 - 4,200' - Bear Wallow x 7.
305 - 2,200' - Driveway reps.
306 - 2,200' - Driveway reps.
307 - 3,300' - Back Roads.
308 - 0'

I was a little surprised when I added up the vert this week. I felt like I didn't run much this week and that I was squeezing it in where I could. Well, that actually was the case, though. The driveway reps were done at a pretty easy effort and the Bear Wallow run was done with a lot of energy and my mind totally somewhere else - which made the 7 laps seem to go by in no time at all - didn't even eat or drink on that 2 hour plus run.
I've been doing these few routes over and over lately and I think I'm just really getting used to them and they are becoming a bit easy in a not so good way. I'm probably doing these a little faster than I was a month ago, but I'd bet my fitness isn't any better. Just getting better at these routes and not really better at running over-all. If I had to guess mileage for this week it's be less than 40 on just under 14,000'. The driveway reps are done on a 1/4 mile, 200' hill and a Bear Wallow lap is 1 mile and 600' up, then back down. Most everything I'm running is between 10%-20% and I am getting quite comfortable in here. Thinking it might be about time to jump it up a little and get some intensity included soon.

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  1. Still going strong. I love the picture of the boy scrambling up that hill.

    I have a lot of work to do, but at least I'm consistently back at it.
    I'll start posting some pics of trails and ales.