Thursday, July 5, 2012

After over 2 months off...

Before today, the last time I ran was May 6 with my son in his first 5k, The Bearwallow Beast. And before that was April 21st at the Smokey Mountain Relay. I had intended to take a little time off of running after the Relay because I started to feel all those little warning signs of injury. Plus, I had caught the the Cycling Bug, more specifically, the cyclo-cross bug.  I have been really enjoying my time on the bike, but I just don't feel I have enough time to maintain the level of bike fitness, as well as over-all fitness, that I'd like to. As I continue to get better on the bike I feel that my over-all fitness has suffered a little and that's why I decided to add running back into my routine. I've been able to do some pretty long rides without much difficulty and want to improve on that, but the amount of time it takes on a bike is just far more than what it takes with running.
Anyway, this morning I expected to have a good run since I had been cycling, but man, that 5 miles in 45:00 was hell!! Rude awakening, but probably should not have expected to feel comfortable at all.
Nonetheless, I'm pretty jazzed about adding running to my new found love of cycling.

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