Thursday, October 8, 2009


AM - 2 miles - 15:00.
Dropped the car off for some routine maintenence and ran home this morning. Beautiful crisp, clear morning in the low 40's. Ran on the same roads that I used to do a bike commute to work; stopped doing that a while ago when I was almost hit about 5 times in one week. Running on that, against traffic, reminded me how often people didn't see me at all or saw me at the last minute. Scary thinking how much that was happening behind me when I was riding with traffic and could never really see it. We need some really good bike lanes here; there are alot of bike commuters, but I think there would be alot more if we felt safer. You don't need to go too far outside of Asheville to see some real rednecks; the kind that get rewarded by their friends for hitting or scaring the crap out of someone riding/running on the road.


  1. The thing that drives me nuts is how many drivers I see these days that are looking at their cell phone crackberry IPOD ... TOTALLY DANGEROUS.

  2. My son heard me mumbling to myself in the car one day. I was calling these crackberry drivers "Wackos." So he asked what's a wacko? I told him exactly what I was referring to. Now as we drive around he says "Is that a wacko? Is that a wacko? Is that a wacko..."