Sunday, October 11, 2009


20 miles - 2:59:30 - Ave. HR 130. +2,480', -1,000'.

Did a 13 mile loop this morning w/Tima in 1:53 with average HR 126. Came right home and jumped on the mill for 7 miles @ 4% @ 9:30 pace, average HR 136. There was only about 20 minutes between runs. Took mile splits on the mill for HR data. 123,130,137,139,139,141,143.
Felt pretty good on mile 19, was even asking my self if I was getting stronger as this run went on. Then right at the start of mile 20 is when reality hit. Didn't feel too bad, but felt nothing like I had just 2 minutes prior. Over-all I'm very pleased with the weekend. I did ask myself a few times today if the pace/effort I'm choosing is too slow/easy. Should I try 5-10 seconds faster? Or, 5-10 bmp higher? The reason I ask is because I am NOT a well trained marathoner at the moment. I believe I was in 2003/4 and know that I'm not near that level of fitness right now. Furthermore, I'm attempting a 40 miler, a marathon and a half in Feb. I came into this training thinking that the milage was going to be harder than it has been so I've been going pretty easy just making sure I can do it and not suffer any injuries. I think if I want to find the spot where HR goes up and pace goes down I need to run these long runs a little faster. Or, I need to start incresing my 20 mile run much sooner than planned. Maybe the pace effort is right and I am just more capable than I thought of running further. There has to be a fine line where I'm getting the most out of my long runs, but not going too hard. I was hoping to do back to back 20's by the end of November. The weekend long runs have gone so well I'm a good 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. It this rate I should be doing a 20/20 in 4 weeks, Nov. 7/8. If the trend continues this will give me a good chance to increase the 20 mile run much sooner.


  1. I would say that you shouldn't increase HR/ pace until you have mastered the goal distance. You mention that you want back to back 20's, well increasing intensity isn't going to make this happen. In fact it will hurt your chances. Start with endurance (base) then get faster. With a 40 miler/ marathon/ 1/2 all in the same month, I would tell you to split your schedule in to 2 week blocks. 1 week of 1/2 marathon focus. Then 1 week of 40 mile focus. The marathon will take care of itself.

  2. Thanks! I am only doing a 40 miler in Feb. I used the comparison of the 40 miler being the equivilent of running a marathon, then a half marathon in distance. Anyway, your point was well taken and you've made clear that the distance needs to be mastered first, well said. I'm going to stay disciplined on this base training. This is my first ultra and I have the background of soccer/hockey; I could use a lesson in patience...

  3. "I'm attempting a 40 miler, a marathon and a half in Feb."

    Doh... reading comprehension was never my strong suit. But if you read that quickly, do you see what I saw? Funny.

  4. You're in the "100 miler zone." It was definately written (not deliberately) open to interpretation; alot of people would think it's crazy to do 40,26,13 in a month and wouldn't see it. But a few would think, that would be cool to try...