Saturday, October 10, 2009


16 miles - 2:14 - average HR 127.

After receiving a good tip from a very knowledgable source (read comment from yesterday's post, 09OCT09) I dicided to keep a close eye on my HR and get an average for each of the 16 miles. It's been a while since I've seen my max HR hit 170, a few months ago I did a little test and saw a 169, so for now 169 is my max. On the other end my resting has been 38 since I can remember, a HRM will show it dip down to 36 occasionally, but it usually comes back up to 38 within 10-15 seconds, so I'll call my resting HR 38. That's a 38/169. I did the first 5 and last 3 of the run on the treadmill at 7mph, 8:30 pace. This was mostly done so that I could have some good data on what my body was doing later in this run under the exact same conditions. The middle 8 were done as an out and back, with the out having a small loss of elevation and back a small gain in elevation. Those middle miles, 6-13, were done at an average pace of 8:15 and I had to guess as to where some of the mile splits were. The average HR per mile definately shows the gain/loss of elevation and not so much a place where some struggling started. The last 3 miles, I think, indicates where the HR went up and that was clearly mile 15 and continued with mile 16 on the treadmill. On the last mile, with my HR 10-15 bpm higher than miles 4/5 I still felt pretty good. I was in that zone just as you exit the comfort zone, but not necessarily uncomfortable yet.

Miles 1-5 - 115,125,122,123,123

Miles 6-13 - 119,119,125,128,131,135,136,139

Miles 14-16 - 127,132,135
Here's a good post on the NB MT100 trail shoes. I have a pair on the way and will be using them next week.


  1. Did the mill seem significantly different at the end?

  2. Not significantly - just the normal difference I usually feel in my legs after 14 miles. Breathing was the same and I actually had the urge to throw in a 6:30 last mile; that may have had something to do with song #7 on Nevermind...
    I'm not sure about my HR, I think it can take a good 30-40 minutes for it to get going in the AM when I start out that easy. When I look at yesterday's flat run I see an average of 131; that run was started at around noon. That's the only reason I can come up with for, other than my legs, not really feeling much different at the end even though my HR was up around 15 bpm higher...