Wednesday, October 21, 2009


2:00 - Easy - 13-14 miles.

Up at 4:30, out the door at 5:00. We have a Grind & Brew coffee maker, makes for a great alarm as well. Beautiful morning, clear skies, lotsa stars and temps in the low 30's. I've started many-a-runs in the dark, but usually after about 30 minutes comes dawn. I ran the whole 2 hours in the dark, not getting light here until almost 7:30; that will change when Nov. rolls around.

Up until last week I had fit in 4-6 mile runs during my lunch 4-5 days a week for a total of 20-25 miles, just seems like there's a better way to train M-F for a 40 miler. Last week I put in 20 miles mid week on 2 runs in one day. That was a little much, so this week I'm going with a 2:00 run and a 1:30 run for a total of about 25 miles on the 2 days. Felt great this morning and look forward to another run tomorrow morning. This schedule should get me about 55-70 miles a week on 4 runs. The other 3 days of the week I have some good ole fashioned calistenics (can't even spell that word) for strength and some yoga/stretching.


  1. So - no running those other three days?

  2. At this point no. I've always been a 40-50 mpw guy so I don't think I'm ready to go up too much more; I'm hitting about 60-70 mpw right now. I've always believed there's no such things a "junk miles" but I just don't seem to gain much running for 30-45 minutes during my lunch. Since I'm pressed for time M-F I thought my time would be better spent mixing in some strength stuff. What are your thoughts on this?

  3. Absolutely don't think there is a correct answer on this. I think it comes down to what you want to do and what will give you / what you think will give you better outcomes. Definitely, mixing up / in strength as folks get older makes sense.

    I have personally deferred to miles ... but that is because I just like that.