Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Grammie Lulu in Kansas does alot of Hip Hop..."

Last weekend Maureen and I took the kids to Family Fest at a park in Asheville. They had all kinds of cool stuff to do, there's even an outdoor VeloDrome that encompasses the park. The main attraction was Elmo, Dora and Spiderman. The 3 of them all hung out right next to those big bouncie things that the kids can jump around on and slide down. Elmo had some cool music going and was huging and dancing with the kids that came up to him/her. There was this 8 year old girl that had been cuttin' a rug w/ Elmo for about 10 minutes, she was really good! Maureen and I were laughing a little because she was so goood and wondering "How'd she do that?" There was a nice woman taking photos of the girl and her little brothers so I asked her,
"Are those your kids?"
"There my grandkids."
"She's really good; does she take lessons, or does she just pick that all up on her own?"
"No she doesn't take lessons; Her Grammie Lulu in Kansas does alot of Hip Hop - so when she comes to visit they pretty much just dance the whole time."
I have no idea what I said next, hopefully something like "Oh that's cool", but I know what I was thinking - Grammie Lulu? Is the Napolian Dynamites Grammie?

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  1. That's awesome. I'm sitting here wracking my brain trying to imagine Grammie Lulu dancing hip hop. Nice header pic too.