Saturday, October 24, 2009


3:00 - about 18 miles - +/- 3,300' on the Shut-In Ridge Trail.

What a great day. Felt really good on the run and will go for another 3 hours tomorrow. I'll see here where I start to feel a little uncomfortable. After this weekend I plan on buiding my Saturday run. Since I know where I stand at the 4:00 hour mark; I think I'll start and increse from there and see how it goes. I haven't really stuck to a plan and was starting to worry a little about that. During the run today I realized - this is an experiment, can't have a plan when I don't really know what I'm doing. The good news is I've been very comfortably increasing my weekend milage and feel like I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be. Experiment is going well so far...

The other great part of the day was an out to lunch with the family. We went to the Mellow Mushroom and sat outside in 65 degrees with leaves falling on our table and plates. I had a couple Seeing Double IPA's and a turkey/avacodo sandwich. In the meantime we had a little trouble getting the kids to eat. Finally Riley asked for a Spinach salad (they eat pretty healthy, but like all kids they will put down some sweets if it's offered) and Kayle wanted a piece of pizza. While we were waiting for the food Kayle was coloring and Riley was practicing his writing. Riley said "Daddy look," I looked over and I saw that he wrote the word LOVE. "Look Daddy, I just made love." Well done Riley, you're growing up so fast"... The food came and Riley didn't like the way the Spinach Salad was made. They put a few other (tasty) things on there, but he wanted the spinach only. Kayle didn't mind and started to pick at the spinach. I said to her "That's Popeye's spinache - don't eat it all." Next thing I know both kids are shoveling in the spinach, calling me Bluto and punching me in the arms and chest. I think I might have some bruises tomorrow, I'm serious, they were really pulling a Popeye on me. They ate all the spinach and each a piece of pizza; the bruises are worth it.


  1. Good stuff on working the plan. Love the header shot.

  2. Thanks GZ. I had a great 3:00 run today and am ready to start working towards a comfortable 4 hour run.
    You certainly did some strength training this morning. Well done!!