Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tima - The Mini Mall List

3:00 - 18 miles - +/- 2,200'.
Tima, my running partner, has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. She's now 8.5 years and still looking forward to every run. In dog years, they say, she's about 60, but I've changed ALOT more than she has in the past 8 years. Yea, she sleeps a little more, is far more clever on stealing food from the kids than I am preventing it and enjoys a little more rest in the sun these days. What has not changed is the way she follows me around on the mornings when she knows she'll be heading out on the trail with me. She sits at my side with perky ears watching me pack all the things I'll need on a long run - some food, drink and usually a change of clothes - here in the East to prevent chaffing once it gets a little wet. I've often thought of myself as a bit of a Mini Mall List, but in an attempt to be reduce discomfort/ prolong comfort so that I can run faster longer I've gotten away from thata little. I was once a "Running Bum" living in a half a trailer in Flagstaff with Tima and an adopted Grey Hound, Slim. Slim's racing name was Tazmainian Twister, but one weekend (I had Slim for only a week) when Pete (mustache month winner) was visiting - we were cooking some spicy food, listening to some Lead Belly and tossing some good scraps to the dogs - I said in an acholol soaked voice"Geton over hair Slim." I tossed him some Elk steak given to me by a friend and said to Pete, "That's his name, Slim." It stuck. The first time I had Maureen over to my "half trailer pad" I was cooking us a dinner. She instsited a number of times on helping with the prep, chopping, I finally had to tell her that I only had 1 of everything - 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon. "I'd love some help, but this is the only knife I have." She ate her dinner with a fork/plate and I with a spoon/bowl. Anyway back to the Mini Mall List - I've lived with Tima in Ohio, Arizona, Colorado and North Carolina, we've run togather in probabley10 other states, but her prep is always the same - she follows me around and watches me pick out my clothes and shoes depending on the climate. She watches me pack bananas and drinks according to the time we'll be out. She needs nothing - her feet work in all these places, her body adjusts to all these places. I think I've seen her bonk while putting down some fluids and a Milkyway. She files in behind me and starts her "Survival Trot." No more putting the nose to the ground and smelling the deer that were here 2 minutes ago, no more reacting to the movement of squirels. Just fall into place with your best friend and be togather. I toss her my last banana hoping to someday be as strong as her.


  1. Beautiful - on several fronts.

    ... what is a half trailer though?

  2. Thanks GZ!
    The trailer I lived in Flagstaff was pretty old and I only had access to half of it; the other half - the owner was storing things in. I don't think I would have used anymore than half of it anyway. I had access to a load of trails right out the door; it was a great place.

  3. Reposting here too in case you don't get the post from my blog emailed to you...
    Hey Rick, just got back from vacation today...on my drive back from Florida I get an email from work stating they want me in Asheville Thursday to present to one of our partners...I am already travelling Wednesday to Birmingham so unfortunately I'm going to be in and out just for the day with no time to run. :(

    But thanks for asking and we can try again the next time...