Saturday, October 31, 2009


90 minutes - about 10 miles. I hadn't had a week where I decresed my milage for a little while; my body is telling me this is the week to take a little break with the milage. Felt good this morning and will run accordingly tomorrow.

60 degrees, very light rain and dense fog. The Shut In Ridge trail was certainly shut in this morning. The leaves have now covered the trails - hiding all the rocks/roots that wait underneath to punish ankles and feet. The Shut-In Ridge Trail Race is next weekend and if the conditions stay wet, this brutal course will also be slippery. I did an out/back on the easy section of this course and the steep/technical decents had me almost to a walk. If anyone makes a CR next week, they are probably even 2-3 minutes faster in good conditions. Ran into Shilo Mielke's mom at the grocery store the other day and she said he'll be there to defend his title. His CR is a solid one; this course really plays to his strengths. I'd love to see some of the big hammers from the NE and west of the ippississiM come out this way to test his CR some day. This is 17.8 point to point race where the RD needs to use the Blue Ridge Parkway to be able to set up aid stations and get people back to the start. The BRPW is still closed in that area for dangers of rock slides. Hope the race will still happen; I'll be on the course in the area where Shiloh has been known to make his move if he still has someone on his heels.


  1. Please tell me that's you in the pic! Love the stash and hippie hair. What I have always found to be a fairly good strategy with both myself and my athletes is to cut back for 4-5 days only. 7 days is too much and will just make you feel like crap. I also think because you come off those 4-5 days rested you can hammer a few good sessions immediately and take advantage of being rested.

  2. No, that's not me! I wish I could grow something like that. That's Shilo, CR holder for the Shut-In, sporting the goods last year at the race.
    Thanks for the heads up on the 4-5 days over the full week; I went pretty light this week and am hoping to feel good tomorrow. It's hard for me to get something really good in M-F, so I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be nice and rested. I know that next weekend is too far away and I will definately go out of my head if I need to wait till then for some hammering.