Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mustache Month Winner

Some people like to match food with good wine. But, other, more cultured, highly evolved folk, like to match wardrobe and hairstyles with a good mustache. Pete spent the month of September growing this rightous stache while his wife, Michelle, made frequent trips to the Village in NYC to find the perfect garb. She did not stop there, no! She got a great pair of clippers and some spray tan for all the finishing touches that only the highly evolved could appreciate. If you can't appreciate it, don't fret, your time for a higher level of evolution will come. In the meantime, enjoy what the future holds.


  1. Thanks for the props!!! By the way, a mustache would help keep you warm on those long chilly fall weather runs!! Think about it.

  2. Pete - are you keeping yours for a while? I live NC now, I think in the 18 months I've been here I've run in shorts all but twice. It might be fun to grow one; I'm not going anywhere for a while so...

  3. Stache and hair were cut off last Sunday. I wanted to start relations with my wife again!!!