Sunday, October 4, 2009


15 miles - 2:30 - +3,168'.

Treadmill at 4%. This was almost too easy, maybe I should try this at a 9:30 pace next time. Average HR for the entire run was 124 and never went above 130. I checked the speed of the TM, but I'm going to see if I can check the grade by measuring rise over run. I'd love it if the mill is dead on, but even if it is, it's alot different than running on single track.

Listened to alot of music to escape the boredom as well as watching the 1999 Mt. Washington race. As much as I love running/training, my mind always seems to wander on these slow days back to my futeballer days 20 years ago. Kept remembering my time as a sweeper "cleanin' clocks." Timing a tackle perfectly, seeing that my right back was about to get 2 v 1'd, and at the moment he was beaten I'd have given no time for the guy with the ball to breathe, the next thing he knew he was on the grass not getting up. This always allowed a little time for trash talk. I'd say something like "Just take yourself out now so you'll be fit to play your next match." Or, getting position on a 6 foot plus striker and winning the header. The perfect tackle and beating the big striker in the air; doesn't get better than that in the back.
The photo is Paul Gascoigne, he could dish it out and take it more than any player I've ever seen. In this shot Vinnie Jones is dishing it out.


  1. That is hilarious. Hey - did you ever do anytime with the military? Just asking because of how you write the date.

  2. I started a 4 year enlistment in the Navy when I was 25. Was stationed in (Ridgecrest) China Lake, CA. This is the desert and not too far from Death Valley, but just 10 miles down the road are the Sierra Nevadas and some 9-10,000' mountains. About an hour north is Independance/Bishop where Mt. Whitney is. Going the other way to DV, there is this great mountain called Telescope Peak. You can park at 8,000 and run up to 11,000. At the top you look straight down on bad Water basin 282' below sea level. Then you turn around and in the distance you can see Mt. Whitney, pretty cool stuff. The navy base town had miles and miles of great desert trails, this is where I started running.