Saturday, November 7, 2009


4:30 - about 30 miles - +/- 4,000' - Average HR 129.
Felt great this morning and continued to feel great throughout the run. Mile 30 was a slight uphill, 3% grade, 160'; this was a 10 minute mile with an average HR of 148. Average HR in 10 mile increments were 120/127/140. I ate/drank alot on this run and actually weighed 1lb more after the run than I did when I woke up this morning. I guess that means I can have some bevvies this afternoon!
I didn't expect to do this run until mid-December, but the long run build up has gone so well; maybe I had a little more base than I thought when I started. Either way, I feel like I'm staying within myself, staying healthy and feeling fresh for the most part. It was 10 days ago that I was feeling a little sluggish; I pulled back on the milage for a week and I'm back feeling fresh again.
Made it out onto the Shut-In course during my run - it has dried up well and a CR could be made. Shiloh already had a 100 meters on the next guy after only 18 minutes and much more after an hour. He looked to be on CR pace, but that doesn't mean anything in this race; the 2nd half is loaded with alot of steep, 15%-20% ascents/descents. Ultra hammer Mark Lundblad wasn't too far back, he'll make up some ground in the 2nd half of the race, should go 3rd, probably 2nd. Won't know until tomorrow morning what the results are. I saw last years female winner, Amber Moran (CR holder or 2nd fastest), out for an easy run this morning, so she's not in the mix this year; she set a 15k CR last weekend. I'm also following another Asheville local, Aaron Saft, at the US Trail Marathon Championships today; he won it in 2007 when the Championships were here in Asheville.

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