Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Trail Run

45 minutes - distance unknown - Mountains to Sea Trail.

I'll take a day like this anytime over the planned 10 mile run at my "movie watching" pace. Maureen and Tima came back from their run and as I was getting ready Riley said he wanted to "go run on the mountain." Then Kayle told Riley that she was going to beat him. The game was on from there... After a great run/hike on a blanket of leaves we went to the grocery store for some "recovery treats."
Great day here in Asheville, 70 degrees/sunny/dry. The smell and cruching sound of leaves make this family trail run one that is etched in my memory for life.
Aaron Saft took 3rd at the US Trail Marathon Championships, Shiloh won his 5th consecutive Shut-In Ridge; he "shut" it down after the halfway point and cruised in with an Airdale on his heels.
Going into the Mount Mitchell Challenge I just wanted a challenge; a reason to build a good base and do something I have never done before; I guess you could say I was doing this for some recreation. Have I ever done anything for recreation? When I played soccer in college I was often "challenged" in practice by teammates because I was "going in too hard." No such thing as too hard, I'd say... Apparently some people who've never even met me know that I'm not going to do the MMC "just to finish." I haven't been fit since 2004, was getting close in 2007, but my achilles brought me to a crashing halt. I'm comitted to seeing what I can really do on this MMC course; I would have anyway on race day - doesn't matter if I'm fit or not - I would have tried for something.
The kids don't have school on Wed. so I'm free Wed. AM. I think I'm going to do a little test/assessment on the mill. I need to figure out how to get the most out of my long runs. I'll put it out there - I want to be as close to 6 hours as possible for this 40 miler.


  1. car too fast, a girl too pretty, going in to hard ...

    Love the family running stuff. And curious to see what you come up with for Wednesday.

  2. That's Shiloh's sister, CR holder of Shut-In or 2nd fastest time, not sure. Thought the photo was a good one because it shows the steepness of the climb as well as some pretty strong guys struggling to keep up w/ Meadow.
    "car too fast"... I dive a 1987 Volvo Sedan w/350,000 miles; I need to be careful when I merge onto the freeway!

  3. I believe I said "movie watching effort" not pace :) The point was that you were going quite easy for the run. And I would add that you weren't going slow... which is impressive!

  4. GZ - My plan for WED is a couple miles w/u, then 8 mph for atleast an hour, after that I'll go until my HR jumps considerably if it hasn't in the first hour.
    Lucho - Love getting feedback from you in the "Classic Lucho style." I could continue with this training and not question what I'm doing because I'm getting better and staying healthy. Or, I can take the feedback and see what I can REALLY do... Thanks!