Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks Mom!

5 Hours - 6,000' up/down - milage unknown

I know my Mom reads this blog, she calls in her comments rather than post them. Well, this past week she UPS'ed her comment to me. I opened the front door this morning to head out on an epic, and there was a package that was delivered sometime after dark Friday. I asked Maureen if she got me anything - she said no. It was addressed to me so I opened it up and it was a pair of compression shorts - THANKS MOM - LOVE YOU!!
Went out this morning intending to go for 4 hours, if I felt good I'd go for 4.5, and if that wasn't enough, I'd go for 5. My other intention was to get in a good amount of climbing, this is why I was giving myself an out if 4-4.5 was too much. At the 3:40/4,000' mark I started a 4 mile 2,000 climb, I knew this would let me know how I was feeling. I did this in 48 minutes and started to feel the pain with about 300' left in the climb. I knew when the climb was finished it was all down/flat from there and I'd be done. I got to a point where I was 5 minutes from the car and saw my time was 4:44, so I decided to make it an even 5 hours. I'm glad I did, with about 7 minutes left I could feel the very early signs that cramping could come. I finished the run w/o any problems, but have learned that I need to do more to prevent this occurance on race day.
When I wrote "milage unknown" it took me back to when I was about 10-11 years old - watching all star wrestling. They'd inroduce the Moondogs and say "From Parts Unknown..."

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  1. Nice climb day. Hills, hills and more hills. I'm a believer.

    What a mom! You might want to mention the need for a new car in your next post.