Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Will Rock You

Riley and I have been listening to "We Will Rock You" in the mornings on the way to school. He's usually singing along, shaking his head around and playing some air guitar. Friday I looked in the rearview mirror when the song was on and noticed he was very still and in deep thought. I turned down the volumn and asked him if everything was ok. He said yes, but "I was trying to tell you something Daddy." "I'm sorry, what do you need?" Riley responds with "They shouldn't put that bag over his face, it's dangerous. They should put that bag around his body to keep him dry." I thought to myself - Wow, he was really in some deep thought there. I asked who he was talking about and he said the man in the song. I couldn't figure out what he meant so I just said "Good idea." On my way to the trail yesterday I was listening to "We Will Rock You." Something caught my ear so I rewound it a little and listened to it again - there it was - Riley's interpretation of the lyrics. "Somebody better put a bag into your face. We will, we will rock you."
40 degrees and raining here so Family Trail Run today was a short one. Riley's disappointed he wasn't able sweat in his new piece of running gear this weekend. He picked out a headband to have when he runs - he looks really retro with it on - I'm hoping to get some cool shots of him on our next run.

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