Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday/Friday Runs

Left early Thursday morning headed to Maureen's parents house at the ocean. I packed my 5 year old Timex Ironman Performance Monitor that's never had much use since I'm usually on trails where the GPS signal was weak at best. Since I'd be doing some running in a very open area, the beach, I thought I'd give the Performance Monitor (PM) a try. Arrived on Hilton Head Island in about 4 hours 15, no hassels as we were out and in before things started to get crazy out there. Turned on the PM a few times on the way down to test it out and it was right on with the speed and distance of the car. Shortly after getting in I took Tima out to the beach to let her get some running in. Ran for 8 miles / 65 minutes.
Friday morning Tima and I got up at about 6, waited for enough light and headed out to the beach. We went North at an easy pace on hard packed sand for 45 minutes / 5 miles. Turned around and did a 20 minute TT / 3.2 miles. This felt really good most of the way and I struggleded a little at the end going all out for the last minute. I wanted to push it and hurt.
6:12(150), 6:22(165), 6:23(164), 1:04(169).
Finished off the 1.8 in 17 minutes.

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