Saturday, December 12, 2009

50k's today

31 miles - 4:31:03 - +/-4,ooo' - Ave. HR 144
3 out/backs 11.5/11.5/8
50:02 - 138
49:02 - 136 (1:39:04 - 8:37)
50:05 - 144
49:37 - 149 (1:39:42 - 8:40)
34:56 - 151
37:19 - 148 (1:12:15 - 9:02)

Wanted to do 50 minutes for each of the first 4 legs - mission accomplished - then keep pace for the last 8 - not quite.
I certainly did not feel like I did last Sunday. After 23 miles I knew I was in for some heart and mind training on the last 8. Ran the last 4 with cramps in the same pace on both legs, they weren't bad and didn't interfer too much with running, just a little painful and annoying.

There's a part of me that wishes I had done this run last week, but there was no way of knowing. Then I looked at my log and realized I should have known - the past 6 weekends I've run 30 miles 3 times and 20+ 3 times. I'm sure this is a good time to take a step back from these longer runs and let a recovery process start. I'd like to feel really good for the 50k . I got a good taste of some pain today that should help for the next 2 races. Just glad Pesci&DiNero weren't out on the trail today.


  1. So the part of the sport that I don't think I have a great handle on is ... what exactly causes the AWESOME days, and the BAD days ...

  2. Hormone balance, diet, mental state, rest, fatigue.

  3. It seems that diet, mental, state, fatigue and rest are things we have some ability to control. Hormonal state ... or other chemistry, is harder to get a handle on.

  4. A 4:31 50k w/4k climbing in training. Great effort!

    You gonna look like that dude on your header post-MMC?

  5. Thanks Nick. It's not hard to accumulate 4,000' in 31 miles. This is a 5.75 mile trail that has only 1 hill with a sustained climb of more than 100', it's 130'. It's alot of small up/downs and pretty easy on the body. The trail has 800' of climbing going out and 700' coming back. But when I started doing some #'s in my head I realized that there'd be 6,500' of climbing for a 50 miler on this trail.

  6. I find the rollers take more toll on the body than sustained climbs - all that transitioning tends to give me cramps over a long period. That's why I think the Leadville Marathon is a harder race than Pikes.

  7. Yea, those little up/downs can be deceiving. I guess that's why I didn't feel as well as I'd like at 23 miles, and like crap at 27.