Monday, December 28, 2009

7.5 miles - 63 minutes +/-900'
Did a nice out(up)/back(down) on the closed Blue Ridge parkway this morning. Hip is feeling alot better and expect it to be good enough to finish the Tsali 50k on Saturday w/o any risk for MMC.
GZ sent this link from Inov-8 this morning about the Mt. Mitchell Challenge that includes some great video of the course. Indeed the elements are going to play a big part in this race. I do have a time goal in mind for ideal conditions, but more importantly a place goal since the chances of ideal conditions are probably less than 50/50.


  1. I just got through that video ... that Commissary trail thing looks like crap.

  2. Yea, not looking forward to going down that if it's icy with 20 something miles in my legs. I've been on that trail a few times and it always seems to be very wet.