Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magic Dust?

AM - 13 miles - 1:46
I expected this to be a tough run to get through and it turned into me holding back, even though I kept speeding up. The first 2 miles I was sluggish, then started to feel good on #3 and after 4 miles I felt like new. Stayed cautious, but kept creeping up the pace. The real story on this run begins at mile 8.
8 - 8:06 / 133
9 - 8:00 / 132
10 - 7:54 / 133
11 - 7:47 / 134
12 - 7:40 / 137
13 - 7:34 / 139
When I look at miles 8 and 11 I'm just lovin' it. I know I'm going to have a bad day at some point, maybe even tomorrow, but what I've done this week after a 31 miler last Saturday is ridiculous. I would have kicked back most of this past week and then tried to hammer out another long run this weekend. Instead, I've had some help...
Maureen gave me an early present last Saturday that will last through February, just in time for Mt. Mitchell Challenge. Every run I've done since last Sunday and every run I will do until race day Feb 27th is prescibed by a very farmilar coach. I think the HR stuff I saw for the last 6 miles today is just the tip of what Brett was seeing during his 10 weeks training for the Charlotte Marathon - 22 minute PR.

PM - 30 minutes very easy.


  1. Yup, he knows his stuff. I stared at your HRs and paces today for a long time and tried to see if I could do it without luck. Those are great numbers.

    The word verification for this post was 'comentor'. Wierd!

  2. Good progress. Keep at it man.

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, it is progress and just hoping to see more of it. Still 10 weeks to go - I've done the base work and now it's time to finish this off. I can tell in just one week I have the right guy to help me do that. I didn't even know until last Sat. that I was ready to move out of the base building phase!

  4. comentor - never even heard of it. Is it from the word mentor? Like co-mentor?