Friday, December 18, 2009

Yoga Lessson / Storm Update - 17"

Riley&Kayle were schooling Maaureen and I in the art of yoga. Riley, on his own, put his hands behind his back to prove he wasn't holding his feet to his head; he was just rubbing it in at that point. Kayle was just watching and doing everything Riley did like it was too easy. I thought some wine would loosen me up, perhaps that loosen up has anothre meaning; I need to stretch more...
I should not have mocked Mother Nature earlier about the NC snow days; we are at about 8" now with 4-6 more on the way. Our power has gone out a few times and we are enjoying a great day with the kids, snowmen, sledding and a roaring fire. (Written Friday evening)
Just heard on the news that Asheville was hit with 17" - looking out the window this morning, I'd say that's about right. Won't be driving anywhere today; the mill will have to do. (Written Sat. Morning)