Thursday, December 24, 2009

Progression turned Fartlek Run

The below was written from a friend of ours in response to our invitation to her for Christmas dinner...

howdi.. hmmm... volunteering at animal shelter..and then...i tend to be very quiet for holiday.. i walk the streets of a cityalone and think is a very quiet and peaceful time for me..and i will probably get a basket for my neighbor and sit with her fora while.. she is really poor. thank you for the offer though..

1:35 - about 12 miles.
Couldn't take another day on the mill so I headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway that has been closed for almost a week now. Aside from the ice in the tracks it wasn't too bad for training. Wanted this to be a nice progression, but due to the arbitrary changes in effort needed to stay injury free this turned into a very enjoyable Fartlek. I was feeling very well and then at the very end, with about 5 minutes left I just bonked. I think I actually hit a really bad sugar low. This came out of no where; I had been sipping garorade the whole way. I could hardly run, got very warm with the sweats and legs felt very shaky. Met Maureen at the car and stopped at the closest store where I got a Ginger Ale. Felt better and am feeling normal now. I have some tightness and a little soreness in my hips when I'm NOT running. Everything else feels good.


  1. Any thought now as to what would have caused that? Diet the day before?

  2. You're right on GZ; diet the day before. I had a good lunch Wed. but my dinner was much more Belgain liquid than solid. I'm sure that was the major contribution to the bonk.