Friday, December 25, 2009


10 minutes.
Hip pain was worse this morning and didn't go away after 10 minue w/u. The pain feels deep inside the ball joint. I think this is a good day to take a step back and see how it feels tomorrow. The kids and I have some toys to play with!


  1. DAMN dude, I have the same exact problem that sprung up literally 2 days ago. Wierd.

    It feels like to me when I was rolling around with the dog or kids I must have barely, slightly pulled the joint a smidgeoun out of the socket and then it went right back. Thats what it feels like - not painful, but like I have arthritis or something is rubbing.

    I took yesterday off and it was completely gone. After about 3 miles today it came back a bit. I'm going a longer run tomorrow (15 miles) and I'll see if it gets any worse or not. I may hve to take some time off to not make this a chronic feels like a kind of rubbing thing that could become chronic if I don't let it heal.

  2. GZ - I'm well hydrated thanks to someone bringing a load of sparkling water yesterday. I love that stuff, must be the gas.
    Brett - I was asked by a family member yesterday if this cold, damp weather was bothering me more than usual. I didn't think so, but perhaps we have a little added variable going on here? Let me know how you do tomorrow - I'll check your blog in case you post there.

    The hip feels alot better today within a certain range of motion, like walking, almost un-noticable. Didn't even attempt to run, but did skip some steps going up the stairs and that's how I could tell the range. I'm pretty happy with the difference in today vs yesterday; looking forward to more progress tomorrow. Stopping yesterday and not runnng today has been a very good decision so far...

  3. Well, I said hydrate ... because ... "sometimes" I find that the joints can be creaky, achy, and more prone to inflammation if I have not been on top of that appropriately. I have felt the hip stuff and it usually seems to go in a day or two ... with some rest, hydration, or general ignorance of the fact. Not saying this is an absolute prescription ... just a possibility.

  4. Ahh... I thought the hydration commment was for the bonk on Thursday. That's good to know and makes alot of sense; being hydrated I'm sure provides lubrication in/around the joints.